Friday, May 23, 2008

More Pictures

Benjamin was Baptised this past winter. Benjamin was the first baby baptised in the new remodeled church. He was also the first performed during the service. The entire Family was there, the Knight's, the Alm's and even Sarah's cousin and her family. It was a wonderful service and Benjamin was no so happy being naked and dunked completly in the water.

Benjamin started eating semi solid food this spring and he really likes food, go figure he is a Knight:)!!! He eats four meals of semi solid food a day now. Rice and fruit for breakfast, two servings of porage at daycare and another bowl of rice and oatmeal with vegetables and fruit again in the evening. Benjamin really loves the veggies and fruit.

This year was a blow out year for Leslie and the Gophers. The knight family really loved watching Leslie play. We will truely miss watching her play in the maroon and gold. She is the luckiest Knight to play in the Barn.

Minnesota Knight's First Spring

All - The new addition to the Knight family is great. We have spent the last 7 months showing him off and getting to know Benjamin as he grows and learns so many new things.

Scout on the other hand was not so fond of Benjamin when he arrived home. Now Scout is getting better as Benjamin begins to roll around and pull on Scouts hair. Soon Benjamin will be crawling and Scout will be in for a rude awakening. However as soon as Ben learns to throw a ball Benjamin will be Scout's greatest friend.

Well this is all for now. There will be an update after the Memorial Day holiday.