Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Beautiful Easter!

Preparing for Easter... The kids love to color the eggs

Easter morning is always filled with excitement. This year the Easter Bunny hid the baskets around the house. He also left all the eggs filled with a note for Mom and Dad to hide the eggs outside after church. The kids also had a basket from Grandpi and Grandma. They were excited to find a basket filled with new shirts and lots of Peeps.
After church they had a few minutes outside before we went across the street for brunch.
Before everyone changed into their summer clothes we managed to get a quick family photo.

After brunch we went outside to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had left for the kids. It was so nice that day that we pretty much spent the rest of the day outside, on a walk, at the park and grilling burgers for dinner.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sequoia Bear Meets the Knights

Meet Sequoia Bear. Sequoia is Olivia's classroom bear at Orchard Park. Each weekend Sequoia picks a student to spend the weekend at their house. He makes his choice based on who did good listening and was kind to their friends. Olivia was so excited when I picked her up on Friday and she was told that Sequoia had selected her!
 Aunt Kate read Corduroy to Olivia and Sequoia on Friday night.
 Sequoia loved snuggling at night with Olivia.
 And he loved having cinnamon dolces with Olivia on Saturday morning. I think Olivia was having fun as well. She spent over an hour sitting in our living room looking at Sequoia's journal and playing "school". I was working at the table and it was so fun to sit and listen to her story/play.
 Sequoia also joined us at Costco on Saturday and let me tell you that bear liked the samples as much as the kids.
 And on Sunday he came with us to church and Byerly's. Olivia wanted to make sure he met our friends Don and Kathy at the grocery store. 
Thanks for a great weekend Sequoia Bear! Until next time...

Harlem Globetrotters

Ben has been really into basketball over the last few weeks. He has been playing in the drive way whenever he has the chance. This made the invite to see the Globetrotter that much more exciting! On Saturday Julie took Ben to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Target Center. He was so excited to go after watching youtube videos of them all week. They went early to the "meet and greet" and Ben had his picture taken with some of the players.
 He came home in his new fancy Globetrotter jersey with his new ball signed by the team and now he is ready to play!

Thanks Julie for the GREAT day!