Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing Harrison Knight

Harrison David Knight
8lbs 15oz
21 inches
At 7:59pm we welcomed this big beautiful boy into our family. It was an amazing experience and truly makes our family complete.
It took us a while to decide on a name for this boy... some of the other front runners were
Theodore, Grayson and Weston.  Trevor really liked Harrison and so I agreed to it without much of a fight.  Looking back at a name list I found from before Jameson was born I found that Harrison was one of three names on the list that were not crossed off. I did not even remember it being on the list three years ago so I guess he was meant be Harrison.
He has been very alert right from the start.
He had some great visitors in the hospital including his big brothers and sister.
Others included Grandpa and Grandma "across the street", Kate, Great Grandma Farmer, Grandma Knight, Betsy, Anna, Ashley, Cristin, Julie and Stephanie
Ready to go home
Welcomed at home by Jameson, Olivia and Scout
Our first family photo as a family of SIX!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Splash Pad

We have renewed our membership to the club again for the winter months.  While Trevor was swimming in the big pool with the older two I had some time in the splash pad with Jameson. It took him a couple minutes to warm up but then he was off to play.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Ben started basketball this winter. He did a little 6 week clinic through the Minnetonka Park and Rec and he loved it. His brother and sister also loved their time at the gym.
 A few weeks ago Olivia told me in a very serious voice that she did not want to do any sports.  A few days later I suggested we try some parent/child gymnastics and she looked at me with her huge eyes and said "mom gymnastics is a sport and I TOLD you I am not doing ANY sports".  Well even she had fun tossing the ball back and forth with Daddy so maybe there is still hope for her. 
Jameson too likes to play a little catch 
 Ben has really enjoyed basketball. He is learning and working on all sorts of skills, jump stops, pivot turns, dribbling, shooting and defensive skills. 
  Next year he will be old enough to play on one of the teams and play in games. It will be fun to see the improvement that occurs over the next 12 months.

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Basement

We gutted our basement in May 2013! It has been a slow process with lot of holds along the way. Now just in time for Baby K #4 the basement is finished. Trevor has done most of the work along the way with some great help from Jamie with the frame work and Ray Meyer with the electrical. With the baby just around the corner January has been crunch time. The sheet rock went up just before the new year. Then it was painting time. I don't think there is anything Trevor hates more than painting, it  just makes him crabby. Lucky for us my parents were a great help and primed and painted all the walls. Then the carpet came last Thursday and we spent the weekend moving furniture and toys down to the new "Kids Room".
 The new art center where the kids can use all their fun art supplies without worrying about what will happen to the walls and carpet. 
 The other end of the room is for the toys and couches. Eventually we will add a TV on the wall down there for family movie night.
 We opened up the space at the bottom of the stairs and it makes the whole basement flow together nicely. It was also the perfect place for our piano.
 The kids are loving the new space. They are sort of forced to love it because I have moved all their toys down there. Mom and Dad even enjoy being down there now with them.  The best part is how big the upstairs feels now that I do not have art stuff in my dining room, toys in the family room and wall to wall toys in the bedrooms. 
 Finishing the basement almost meant Trevor and I could have our Christmas/10 year anniversary gift to each other delivered. With the toys cleared out now we have room for our new treadmill. I have only walked on it but I am looking forward running again after this baby comes.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daddy Time

Nothing better than a little afternoon snuggle time with daddy!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Rink Rats

Ben started his Rink Rats league through Minnetonka Park and Rec. His team is made up of 7-9 year olds from Hopkins and Minnetonka. The program last about 6 weeks and they play 1 hour instructional games again Plymouth/Wayzata and St.Louis Park at the near by outdoor rinks on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. He loves his time on the ice! There have been some cold days but the kids are troopers and handle it better than the parents. It is fun to see him use some of the skills he learned last year in his skating lessons. The goal this year... learn how to Hockey Stop!