Thursday, July 18, 2013


Last weekend the Knight family had our first camping trip with Grandma and Grandpi. We went west about 2 hours to Sibley State Park. The park was very family friendly with lots of kids, a sandbox, room to bike and a great swimming beach. The first night was a little rough and at 1am I said to Trevor " We are NOT doing this another night". But, in the light of day after a restless 4 hours of sleep I thought we might be able to make it just one more night! Lucky for the kids the second night was better.
By the end of the weekend Olivia was flying around on her little Strider

             The weather was not great but we got some good swimming in at the beach both days.
 The kids behaved amazingly well around the campsite, playing in the dirt, riding bikes and playing
                                              catch were the highlights of the weekend...
                                                   as well as nap time with Grandpi!
                                   Aunt Leslie made it out Saturday night just before dinner.
                                                  Jameson loves to show people his lips

                                           And the kids didn't get any treats while camping...
                                                       Until next year, bye bye State Park

Monday, July 8, 2013

1st Annual Vernon Dr Campout

Last weekend we had the first annual Vernon Dr Campout. Molly and I decided since this was the first year we would stick to our two families to make sure it was a success before gathering the other neighbors and a SUCCESS it was. We started the evening with a little play time in the yard and a wonderful BBQ dinner.
 The weather could not have been better. It was cool enough to enjoy a little fire and s'mores, the bugs were not too bad and the kids had a great time.

 Adam picked up some head lamps for the kids at Costco. It would not be a campout without head lamps. I think the head lamps and the sparklers were the highlight of the night.

 Even Jameson lasted long enough for his marshmallows and to see the sparklers. Still smiling....
                                            I am not sure who fell asleep first, dad or the kids...
                                  The next morning they were all still smiling, well almost all

Monday, July 1, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Last week was the annual Twins Game. We had a perfect day to be at the ball park. The Twins even pulled out a win. 

                                                                   Emily and Thomas

                                                                    Kate and Olivia
Since the game Ben and Olivia walk around the house singing "Take me out to the ball game...."