Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September has come and gone. With all the Alm birthdays the month is over before we know it. September has been a busy month. Ben started preschool this month. He still goes to John and Galina's house but now they have hired a wonderful new teacher, Ms. Erin. Ben is loving school and learning so much already. They do letters of the week, yoga, sign language, arts and crafts and lot and lots of play! We are amazed daily at what his little brain is capable of learning.

We also wrapped up our summer at the cabin although we may still get there for one night next month. Our last weekend up there was beautiful and so relaxing.

Trevor took this past Monday off to stay home with us. We decided to take the kids out to the Arboretum. Ben loved the maze and all the forts made out of sticks. Olivia was just along for the ride and did great as always. She is such an easy baby!

Last weekend the whole family headed to Janna and Erik's wedding at Frontenac Golf Course. I went Friday to have some girl time before the big day. Trevor, Ben, Olivia and my parents joined us Saturday for the wedding and reception.

September is going out with a bang as we start our addition/remodel project. This could be a LONG six months but will all be worth it in the end, I hope. They started digging this week and boy do they work fast. After day 2 we have the block work in the garage for the new mud room/entry and they have started the block work in the massive hole in the back yard you see below that will at some point be our new Master suite. Ben is in 7th Heaven with all the dirt and "Big Diggers". First this morning he when he got out of bed he asked "where are the big diggers? I want to see them?"

Stay tuned for more on the addition... We are taking lots of pictures and will update the progress again soon.

Jacob Lovas: The newest member of the baby clan. He is so cute and Ben and Olivia love their new friend. He is just the first of the fall babies, more to come...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lucious Cabin 2010

Lucious Cabin 2010! Lets see this is the 8th annual event now?! The first event was back when we were still all college bums, stayed up till 3, played drinking games and water skied, tubed and ate till we couldn't eat any more. Well as you will see there are some additional members since our first summer outing.

Ben joined Asa and Eli joined them and now Olivia has joined the boys. Still waiting for the other kids to arrive but as most people know this group of friends do not rush into anything, or at least when Al was getting heat about marrying Jess he would say, "Hey I am on the Trevor Knight Plan", well now we are all married and the additional kidos should be showing up any time now!!!
Ben and Asa played with these giant water soakers all weekend long. Scout was sprayed, Dad's were sprayed, Eli was sprayed, even Luke was sprayed. It was okay as it was another hot and sunny weekend in August. Here Asa and Ben were practicing their aim by spraying the statue of the Egret.
Along with the lake, which was at an all time high level, we have the little kiddie pool out so the boys can stay cool all weekend. As you can see even though there was a no diving rule Ben thought if he set up the buckets to jump over he was safe. Let's see no broken bones, so i guess it worked out!!

If you couldn't see that the weekend was very, very, very busy and tiring just look at our dear sweet Olivia and how peaceful she is while taking her much needed nap after all this commotion during the day:) isn't she so precious?!

In the morning before i even get dressed i loved to sit on the heated floor and play with my toys and steal some of the boy's cars and play with them. Look at this i had the entire floor to myself!!!
As usual breakfast was a kit, french toast and sausage with fresh fruit, who could argue with that?! We were able to get the two racing boys to sit still and finish before they were off like a bolt to the water soakers and the kiddie pool. Great picture of the two Blondie's!!
Eli felt he was out of the fun without his life jacket but on the stationary paddle boat they were having a blast! Three really blond boys, all with blue eyes, Mommy's keep your daughters under close supervision with these lady killers on the loose:)!
Olivia gets center stage as she has her wonderful blanket that Sarah Linder made for the Knight Family, what a perfect spot to enjoy a wonderful weekend. Here she is showing her Country Pride, Grandma finds any reason to buy an outfit, although this is darling on her!!

Uh oh watch out Trade Lake here comes the Knight Boys, stay clear we know how they drive!! Ben had so much fun on the Jet Ski this year that i think next year he will be driving it himself, well that is if he can touch the floor boards!!

Once we found the jet ski goggles Ben was dangerous he wanted to go back out and get some big waves so we could get splashed. Next year Ben we might even have to get the tube out so you can get whipped around in that with Asa.
Again thank you Lucious Family for allowing the Hague House Ladies and their Families to take over your complex and have a wonderful weekend. Till the snow flies and we take it over for ice skating and cross country skiing!!!