Sunday, December 8, 2013

She is 4!!

Our little girl has turned 4!! I cannot believe how fast she has grown up. She is sweet, cuddly, funny, curious, stubborn and sassy as ever and we just cannot get enough of her! Jeff took some picture of the family this fall and Olivia definitely stole the show. Here is a little glimpse of her personality at 4.

This year Olivia had her first party with a few close friends. The party included the Moseleys, Modrows, Murrays and Juliens. The kids had a great time decorating their aprons and chef hats, making pizzas and having cake and ice cream. We were not sure how Olivia would do because she does not like a lot of attention on her in large groups of people but she did great. The party was a success!

 Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Beds

It has been a big week for the boys in the Knight household.  Trevor built bunk beds for Ben's room. They turned out just perfect and Ben has now moved into his new bed. There are a few details to finish like the rail for the top bunk and a ladder to get to that top bunk but Ben is loving his new bed.
 Bunk beds in Ben's room meant it was time to move our little guy to a big boy bed. We moved our other two at about this age and it seemed to work well so we figured why delay? So down came the crib and yes I cried! The crib has been up in that room for over 6 years and it was bitter sweet to see it come down. Jameson is doing okay, he sometimes has a hard time falling asleep in the new bed. Once he is asleep has been sleeping all night and staying in the bed in the morning until we come to get him.


Thursday Morning I took Olivia and Jameson to school for their Halloween festivities. Julie was also there to help with Stephanie's classroom and Jameson stuck to her like glue. 
 Princess Olivia

 Like every year for the past 8 years the Brandhorst family came over for pizza, beer and trick or treating. Jess and I stayed home to hand out candy and Trevor and Al took Princess Olivia, Spiderman, firefighter Jameson and Pirate John out to collect candy.
Thanks Brandhorsts for another great Halloween

Monday, September 30, 2013

New shoes

So Jameson's feet are growing at a different rate than Ben's did. Jameson's feet are right between the sizes of shoes that we already have so I had to get him some new ones. He was so excited that he would not take them off. One night I went in his room to check on him and I came out asking Trevor why Jameson was not wearing his PJ pants. Trevor responded with a simple "did you look under the blanket?" So when I returned to the room and removed his blanket this is what I found. No further explanation needed!

A New School Year

We are a month into the school year and Ben is doing great. His teacher is Ms.Erstad and she seems like a great teacher with more patience than I could ever dream to have. Ben has some new friends that he talks about often (Max, from his t-ball team, Phillip, Austin, Benjamin L and Brynlynn).
 The hardest part for Ben thus far has been walking to school on his own. The first few days I walked him all the way to his classroom. After that we started backing off little by little. First it was just to the front door, then the corner by the school and then just to the crossing guard at the end of our street. Now Ben and Olivia run down the street, Olivia waits for me and Ben is off to school before I can even get all the way down the street with Jameson. I have learned quickly to get my hug and kiss in the driveway before we leave.
Sometimes when I ask was he learned I get the typical "nothing" but then he surprises me with little comments like in the car when he says "mom, when I and A are by themselves they are words" One month into school and he is already starting to read...words he knows are I, am, Little and The. Crazy what these Kindergarteners do these days.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of the Summer Fun

The summer went out with a bang this year. August was a busy month full of activities and adventures. First was our trip to the MN Zoo thanks to Great Grandpa and Grandma Eisenmenger's Christmas gift. The kids loved it! As soon as we got there Jameson was off and running and was in awe of all the things to see.
Not sure how this worked out but the older too need the ride while the little guy did the walking.
Okay, so my favorite animal has to the be the Giraffe and this summer the zoo had the Africa exhibit staring the Giraffe. I don't know who had more fun watching them, me or the kids.
Jameson liked watching the goat milking but was quite ready to try it himself. Maybe next year...

This is the excited face that we got to see all day as he walked around looking at everything.
The next trip was to Minnehaha Falls with Grandma. Believe it or not I had never been to the falls so we decided to take a Thursday morning and spend it there.

At the bottom of the falls we all took off our shoes and splashed in the water for a while. It was a hot day and the cool water felt great.

Ben was posing in the tree. I decided we will have to come back here when he is 18 and taking Senior class pictures, then I will have one from the start and finish of his Hopkins career.
Olivia thought she better try too.

The following week I took a Friday off to go on the class field trip out to Galewood Farm. The kids learned all about how a farm works, the soil, the animals and where our food comes from.

The highlight was running on the hay bails.

After the farm I took the kids home so we could head to Jessie and Lucas's cabin for the night
The kids loved the sauna
James was stuck like glue to Ben for the entire night.
Ben tried (or was forced to try) the tube and lasted 2 minutes and screamed the whole time.

We finished our short weekend with a nice boat cruise around the lake. It was a beautiful late afternoon.

   Thanks Jessie and Lucas for sharing the cabin with us.
The last weekend of the summer was spent at our cabin. We returned Monday a little early to get ready for the school year. Kindergarten here we come!