Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Go Twins!

Today was our annual Family Twins Game! Grandpa and Grandma "across the street" get everyone tickets and wouldn't you guess our game was for the hottest day of the summer thus far. Lucky for all of us our seats were in the shade and at the very top so we had a nice breeze. The kids were great and Olivia made it all the way to the 8th inning before she had to go walk around with daddy.

This is what 100 degree Baseball looks like!
Sunscreen and all!

Ben is looking for his favorite player, Joe Mauer

Emily and Thomas joined the fun and the heat

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma "across the street" for a great day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Since the 4th of July weekend we have spent a few weekends at home but they have still be jam packed with activities. We have taken the weekends at home to catch up on family time and time with friends.

Last Monday Cristin, Vinny, Jessie and Kiva (her new puppy) came over to play in the pool.

Last Friday I took the day off to join Ben and his class on a field trip to Galewood's Farm. The rain did not stop us from having a great time. The kids got to make their own dressing and dip veggies in it. Ben even tried an edible flower!
Cullen helping with the dressing.

Ben's job was to crack the pepper

Reagan helping as well

I think the favorite activities of the day were visiting all the animals. They got to see the pigs, walk through the sheep pen, walk through the chicken coop and pet the cows.

On Sunday Ben's preschool walked in the Hopkins Raspberry Parade to promote the new school. The kids got to hand out pencils to all the kids in the street. It was so hot but they were troopers and the reward at the end was running through the giant sprinkle that the fire department had set up to the hydrant.

Today I had my college roommates and their kids over for a little pool party. What better way to spend a 95 degree day?! Maddy, Sarah and her 5week old Henry, Jess and Kelly and her 3 boys all made it for a day in the pool.

(Maddy, Kelly and 2 of her boys Eli and Asher)

(Eli, Ben and Asa enjoying their Popsicles)

And Olivia loved her Freezee

We have one more weekend at home before we return to the cabin and I am sure it will be filled with more fun...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

T-Ball Season Has Come To An End

Ben LOVED playing T-ball this year! Even with the cancelled and rescheduled games due to extreme heat or rain it was still a success. Last week Julie, Jeff and Christopher came to watch Ben play and of course Jeff brought his camera. He is so good with that thing he makes even these 3-4 year olds look like professionals. Enjoy!

(father/son moment on the field)

(Coach Ollie and Cullen having their father/son moment)

Olivia loved to watch her big brother play. She also loved being able to run around the field when the game was over.

Watch out TWINS, with a glove like that they may have some competition!

Can't wait until next year!