Monday, June 29, 2015

RIP Scout

Scout Knight
It is so hard to say good bye to such an amazing companion but we knew it was time.  He had been losing weight since last fall. He was having a hard time getting up off the hardwood floors and he was panting more indicating that the tumor was interfering with his breathing. We loved him too much to watch him suffer.He was our first baby and how we started our family. He was Trevor's hunting buddy and my snuggle buddy. He had the softest kisses. He was always wildly energetic outside side and calm inside. He had come a long ways from biting at Ben's fingers and avoiding him at all cost as a baby to letting Jameson crawl all over him.  Even on his last day he was running around the front yard and begging to play some fetch. We will miss him so much and he will always hold a special place in our hearts

Saturday, June 27, 2015

End of a great season!

Ben's spring baseball has come to an end. He had a great season and played with an awesome group of boys. This year's team was made up of 1st and 2nd graders (all but 2 from Tanglen). His coaches were Brandon Weis and Tim Wilcox and it was amazing to see what they did with these boys over the 2 months. At the beginning of the season there were still a few kids picking flowers in the field but by the end of the season they were all hitting the ball off the machine and making plays in the field.
Brandon took some time to say a few nice things about each of the kids and tell a few funny stories about them.
This is Ben's good buddy Jack. These boys are two peas in a pod and it is so funny to listen to their conversations
These two were such troopers spending hours at the field watching their big brother play.
And what better way to end the season than with a group hug.
After Ben's baseball we went over to GlenLake for a little golf. Olivia has really enjoyed swinging her clubs. Even though she says she is NOT playing any sports we have convinced her that golf is just a "game".
This guy was a little wiped out after baseball and decided he would rather catch some zzzzz's.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Fun at Target Field

Tonight was the annual Alm Family night at Target Field! We had a BEAUTIFUL night for a ball game. It has been fun to watch the changes over the years as the kids have gotten older. Ben actually really wants to watch the game now and follow who is up to bat and reads all the stats on the scoreboard. This was the first time we had two infants at the game so we were not sure how the night would go. They both did GREAT. 
My little guy stayed snuggled up in the Moby for the whole game. 
Jameson LOVES his uncle Thomas! Whenever Thomas is around Jameson is usually right by his side (or on his lap)
What a crew!
I even got some quality time with Ben. Usually I rank 4th when Dad, Grandpa and Thomas are around.
What a great night! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

After the Baptism celebration was over it was time to celebrate this wonderful man! Happy Father's Day Trevor!
It was so hot out that we decided to spend some time by the pool.
Selfie with my little man
The Roinestads came down for a little dessert as well. Owen loved the pool!

God Bless Harrison

Harrison was baptized at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church on Sunday June 21,2015. He was surrounded by his family and two wonderful Godparents, Kate and Anna Lovas. As always, Deacon Rick did such a great job with the ceremony. Even though it is done after Mass he explains everything that is done and makes it a special ceremony for these little babes.
Signed with the cross
Blessing of the Baptismal Waters
St. Bart's has a beautiful baptismal font that was put in the new church. It is large enough for an adult immersion and so this is what we have opted to do for each of our kids. Harrison was not a big fan of the full immersion. I think the water was a little cool and he cried through most of it.
Our Father, who art in heaven... hallowed be thy name...
Blessing for the dads
You will notice that from this point forward Harrison is crying in every picture. The poor little guy was so tired and he had just had enough!
We could not ask for two better women to help guide this little guy on his faith journey. Harrison you are one lucky little man!
I always think at things like this that it is pretty cool that our kids have 3 GREAT grandparents present.
Finally got a much needed nap
Aunt Leslie is home for the summer so she was able to make it to the baptism as well
Wide awake in time for cake, too bad you can't have any buddy
Beautiful Child of God!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer is off to a great start!

This summer is flying by as usual but has been off to a great start.  We have not been back to the cabin since Memorial Day weekend due to Ben's baseball schedule and some grad parties that have kept us here in town. We have take full advantage spending time with friends and family when we are home. 
BBQ at the Juliens included a little pool time as well.
I just love this little face. He continues to be our ham and loves to make anyone and everyone laugh. He makes the silliest of faces and now does this little "penguin walk" it cracks us up every time. 
Harrison continues to look just like his big brother. Ben loves to snuggle with him and carry him around the house. He has been such a big helper. Ben has been busy this summer with basketball camp for 2 weeks and now a park camp that he goes to daily in the mornings until the end of July. He has also been getting some good play time in with friends.
This little guy just won't stop growing. He has abs of steal from all his crunches while lying on the floor. He has also started sitting up for short periods on his own. He loves the jump and we already have to raise it up because he is getting so tall.
And sometimes a guy just needs a little break!
Olivia too is a little helper. She was "reading" a bed time story to her 2 younger brothers