Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Date night to the circus and so much more!

Last Friday was date night with my little man. Ben's preschool teacher organized a night out to see the play Annie at the Stages Theater in Hopkins for all who wanted to join.
We started the night with dinner at Big 10 with Shanon and Cullen (a little double date for the moms and their boys). Ben enjoyed his Arnie Palmer and hot dog.

Then it was off to the Show!

After our run on Saturday the kids spent some time playing out side and the big Bobcat in our front yard was the highlight.

Olivia loved sitting in the bobcat as much as Ben. She is ready to go for a cruise

Sunday we had plans to go the to Splash Pad with our neighbors, Molly, Adam, Will and Addie. We were not sure if the it was warm enough to play in the water but the kids lasted about 10 minutes at the park and then they were ready for the water!

It took Olivia a few minutes to get use to the idea but after some play time in the water with Daddy she was ready to go...

And go some more

And guess who else showed up the Splash Pad...
The Murray Family!

So all the kids played together in the water for a while and then it was snack time.

(Will, Cullen and Ben)

Kinsley enjoyed her snack too. She is pretty in Pink!

It was a great morning filled with fun and some good family time.

Monday was Under the Big Top!!

Great Grandpa and Grandma bought tickets to the Circus that was coming to the town of Fairmont so Monday my mom and I drove there with the kids to enjoy the show.
Ben loved the lights, the tricks and the animals. Olivia on the other hand was a little frighten by the whole thing.

Ben and Olivia both had their first taste of Cotton Candy! No, this was not all Ben's, he was sharing with Jessie.
The Elephants were Ben's favorite part of the show and I must admit it was amazing how graceful these huge animals could be.

Thanks Great Grandpa and Grandma for a wonderful Day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Introducing Baby K #3

Last week we had our 20 week Ultrasound. Here are some pictures of Baby K #3. Baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes and looked healthy in every other way as well. Estimated weight was 12oz. I was 20 week and 1 day and the baby was measuring at 20 weeks and 2 days so right on schedule. As for the gender... we will all have to wait until December for that surprise.

2 Feet with 10 Toes!