Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Winter Sledding Adventure!!!

Leslie is home for the holidays. She was excited to get out into the snow and cold, she says she was in a short sleeve shirt in Switzerland when she left. NOT here!!!

Leslie made a snow angel and Ben wanted to hop in it:)!!!

Leslie says he is only as big as her torso

Ben Loved his first sledding adventure!!!!
We made it down 4 times!!!

Even though he got snow in his face, courtesy of Scout, he had a blast, he was giggling and laughing as we sped down the hill.

He really loved the ride up the hill as well, He will get to ride for a number of years.

Notice how Scout was on one side in one shutter shot and the other side on the next shutter shot!!! Crazy dog, he loves to go sledding as well!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interfaith Outreach Sleepout

Well it is around 5°F out these days in Minnesota. The perfect time for a Fundraiser for homeless people in the Western Suburbs. Here is everyone who attended the sleep out and stayed out durring the night.

David and Ashley Modrow
Nick and Lovases cousin(JAY)
Stefan and Betsy (they did not stay out as Addie would not fare to well in the tent, yet)
Steve and Liz Smith and Captian
and the Knight's, minus Benjamin, but including Scout
We also had a number of visitors during the evening, My parents Sarah's parents, Cory, Derek Duchscherer, Anna Lovas, Jim and Kathy Walker, Tom and Debbie A.
We had a blast, a couple of roaring fires, plenty of hot chocolate and Adult mix ins:)!!, Chicken soup and Chili. We had tons of fun!!!
Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the fun:)!!!

Here is Benjamin and Addie -
Ben loves to give Addie kisses, I think he learns all about kissing from Galina and the little ladies at daycare:)!!!
Ben loves to see Addie though and here is a picture of the two of them.