Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orchard Park Preschool's Art Gallery

Last month the theme at school was all about art. The kids spent the whole month learning about and making their own art work. The weekly themes included art basics (shapes, colors, textures), painting, still life, abstract and dramatic art. Ben's favorite art project was the SPLATTER PAINTING! Last night the kids had their own art gallery for all the parents, family and friends to come and see their art work displayed. The kids even priced their art work for the parents to "buy" as a donation to the school. Some of the kids thought very highly of their work with prices as high as $90. Hope those parents brought their credit cards!

This was Ben's Bio next to his art work. Erin took each kid into her office and asked them a series of questions and here were Ben's answers...

This is all Ben's work displayed for everyone to see. The spatter painting is in the upper left corner. The lower left is Ben's "Starry Night". The upper right is his abstract art and then more painting in the lower right.

After parents and grandparents "paid" Ben for his art he took the money to the donation box and a SOLD sign was placed on his poster.

This is the work of some of his fellow artist friends

And a gallery opening is not complete without a little snack! Some parents provided cheese, crackers, grape and juice to enjoy while we viewed all the beautiful art.

Winter Wonderland

It has been a number of years since Minnesota has seen snow like this. I remember seeing pictures from when I was little taken outside where the snow banks were taller than me. We thought we better get some pictures with these huge piles! Ben and I have actually gone sledding down the pile on the right.

In the last week Olivia's walking has drastically improved. She is now choosing to walk more than crawl because she has realized it is faster and easier to keep up with her big brother that way. The other night she came home from school with these crazy pigtails so we had to get it all on video.