Monday, March 17, 2014

No Kids Allowed!

We decided our friends needed a night out without the kids. Trevor and I thought about getting our high school friends together to rent a room at a restaurant somewhere but then decided it would be more fun in the comforts of our own home.  So we sent our kids away for a sleepover at Aunt Kate's.  It was so nice to be able to have good conversation without yelling at the kids or getting up from the table 10 times before we were through with salads. We were all able to sit around the table together and enjoy each other's company. Only a few were unable to make it but they were with us in spirit.
 The Menu:
Appetizers- buffalo chicken dip, cheese and crackers, Greek humus dip
Dinner- Chipotle pork tenderloin, grilled salmon, salad, roasted broccoli and spinach/rice casserole 
Dessert- chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fondue with goodies
Drinks- YES PLEASE (Trevor made sure we had a whole bar to choose from)
Thank you all for making the night a HUGE success! 

Fun in the Snow

With the warmer weather we finally got outside to play in HUGE snow piles in the yard. It was 50 degrees outside but we still had to bundle up to stay dry. When the kids came inside almost 2 hours later they were soaking wet but had BIG smiles on their faces.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good Times Park

A couple weeks ago I got to go with Olivia and her class on a field trip to Good Times Park in Eagan. It was so nice for the kids to have a place to run around for a while since they have had so many days without any outside time.
 Olivia and her friend Allie were having a great time on the giant jumping pillow.
 Mommy even had a few trips down the slide with Olivia.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Man's Best Friend...

...Or in this case Boy's Best Friend! 
 Jameson just loves Scout. He can often times be found just hanging out in some corner of the house with Scout. He just sits and pets Scout or snuggles with him or in the case below uses him as a back rest.
 Sometimes in the evening when Scout has retreated to the bedroom away from all the noise Jameson will ask "Where Scout go". When I tell him Scout is in the bedroom he will turn and walk away and go off to find his friend. 
The best part is Scout just puts up with Jameson sitting or lying all over him. I think he might even like it. This is such a change from the dog that use to run for the hill if Ben got anywhere near him when Ben was little. I think he has just come to accept his place in the pecking order in this family. I think he is realizing his place may not be so bad after all. These two just have the sweetest relationship!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morning Fun

When I came home from my run this morning this is what my family room looked like. The kids had successfully set up their "camping trip" and had moved all movable furniture around the room. Chairs, slide, coffee table all moved to a specific places for their "camping trip"
 Then I found Jameson and Olivia snuggled up in the corner on a basket full of blankets. They were deep in conversation about who knows what but it was pretty cute.
 And of course then Ben wanted in on the picture action. Sometimes they all play so nicely together and it makes me smile.