Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crazy Christmas Season...

This Christmas season was crazy as always but this year felt a little more nuts with the late Thanksgiving. Every year the Christmas season starts with our visit to Tonkadale Nursery the weekend after Thanksgiving to visit Santa. Santa is so good with the kids! He takes time with everyone, goofs around a little with the kids and invites the whole family for the pictures. We learned a few years back that if Trevor and I just start in the picture with the kids we avoid a lot of tears.
Then we went to the very last Hollidazzle parade with the Moseleys. It was not near as cold as two years ago. The kids did great and loved all the music and lights.
This year Ben got to be a Wise Man in his little Christmas show at church. He was so excited to carry his gift of Myrrh.
Olivia and Jameson also had a little Holiday Concert.
Then it was finally time for Christmas. We started our celebration early with the Alms the Sunday before Christmas. We had a nice dinner followed by gifts and dessert.
 Jameson has Grandpa's new gloves on and is wearing Daddy's new hunting boots on his feet.
 Then it was down to Fairmont to spend Christmas Eve with the Eisenmingers. Olivia got to put the Baby Jesus in the manger this year.
Even though the Christmas Season gets a little crazy it is always filled with lots of Friends, Family, Love and Laughter. Here's to a great 2013!

Jameson turns 2

Our Little Guy is 2! It is crazy how much he has grown up in the last couple months. He is talking all the time (even when no one is listening). He gives lots of hugs and kisses now, asks us to "snuggle for 2 minutes" at bed time, pushes and shoves his siblings when they don't leave him alone and has a new obsession with gloves (anyone's gloves)!

 He received lot of gloves for his birthday and he rotates which pair he likes to wear each day.
Happy Birthday Buddy!