Friday, September 26, 2014


We moved Jameson into Ben's room. He was so excited to share a room with his big brother. Ben too was excited because this meant he got to move to the top bunk. We were not sure how bedtime would go but the boys have done a great job. We have story time and snuggle with each of them and they quickly drift off to sleep. 
 Jameson has only fallen out of bed once since the move to his new bed.
 My favorite part is watching the sleepy eyed boys stumble out of the room together when they wake up in the morning.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

Where did the last year go? Is it really possible that we have a first grader? 
I was off at work already on the first day of school which left daddy home to get the kids out the door and Ben to his classroom for his first day as a first grader. He was so excited to find out he had a few friends in his class from last year. This eased a lot of the first day jitters. 
 Olivia's first day of her last year at Orchard Park
 All smiles and ready for the school year in the Willow Room with Ms. Krissy and Ms. Stephanie as his teachers.
 Ben was ready to go with all his new school supplies.
 Due to the school construction the open house night had been cancelled. This made everyone, including mommy, a little more nervous about the first day. Ben has a new teacher this year, Miss Driver. Since Ben had never met her and did not know where his classroom would be Trevor walked with him the first day. He quickly got settle in to his own desk, put his supplies away and was ready for the day. He was all smiles and no tears so the first day of first grade was a SUCCESS!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was spent at the Cabin with the Welsh family, Alms, Knights, Roinestads and Great Grandpa and Grandma Eisenmenger. It was a packed place but we had a great time. Ben and Jack took turns burying each other in the sand.
Jack was so good with Ben all weekend despite the age difference and Ben did a great job of giving Jack space when wanted to go off and do his own thing.

 The weather was a little cooler so we spent lots of time around the fire. On Saturday afternoon Tom and Cheryl and their whole crew came for a visit. I think there were at least 16 of them and it was great to see everyone.
Jessie and Kate out on the dock.

 We rented 2 wave runners for the day on Friday and it was the perfect day for it. It was cool and cloudy which meant not another boat on the water.
Olivia was a little unsure at first but after about 2 minutes she was telling me to go faster and we were flying across the water at 45 mph. She had a blast and it was so fun to hear her little giggles as we spun and bounced across the water.
 When the kids were all in bed then it was time for some adult fun playing corn hole under the spot light in the drive way. We laughed and bantered and had a great time. Can't wait for next year.