Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cabin Friends

The Moseley Family joined us for a weekend at the cabin. It was filled with donuts, freezes and fun!
Olivia and Will
                                                             Beautiful blue eyed Addie
                                                      Molly and Will soaking up some rays
                                        I think Tucker enjoyed the weekend at the lake the most fun
           By Sunday lunch poor Addie was falling asleep at the table. That is signs of a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Cabin Fun

The Kids just cannot get enough of Middle Cullen. It has been so much fun watching the kids enjoy weekends on the lake. They love to swim and play in the sand.

Grandpa can even pull them around with dad by the little 8 horse motor on the fishing boat. Last weekend our neighbor took them for a ride on the speed boat and they thought that was pretty cool.
                            Even Jameson likes chilling on the dock. He is all smiles out there.
                                      Nothing like a good Freeze in the summer heat!
                 Olivia even got her first turn at the golf course. She just loved riding around in the cart and running around on the greens. Ben was with us for the first 9 and she got the back 9.

                                                 Life is hard as a 7 month old!