Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August at the cabin

The Knight's spent a couple weekends at the cabin in August. The weather was great! Ben and Olivia love the sand beach Grandma and Grandpa put in.

Olivia loved to sit down on the deck by the sand beach and be around everyone having a good time. The sun felt good, the breeze was nice and the water was warm when we got it. A perfect weekend at the LAKE!As you can see Ben loves to jump on his sand castles. Good thing dad is so patient to build and rebuild the castles as Ben tries to squash them before dad finishes packing the sand in the buckets. Another one of Ben's favorites at the beach is to bury his feet! He loves it when dad digs a hole and he can put his feet in it and get sand buried up to his knees. He rocks back and forth and finally jumps out of the sand pile. He is such a BOY!!

Sometimes it is just nice to be in my rocker and I can play with my toys in the shade. I have to watch out as Ben and the dogs sometimes want to get to close, don't worry I let them know who is boss!! Next year you will see me jumping on my own sand castles, or I will beat Ben to the punch, that is what little sisters are for, ha! ha! ha!

August was a great time at the cabin. We only got 1 solid weekend up there but we made the best of it. The water was great, the sun was out all weekend and we spent the entire time at the beach and in the water. We will miss you cabin, but winter will be over soon enough and we will be back early next summer. Till then.......

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Trip to the Dentist!!

So August started out with a bang, I mean, buzz!!

That is right Ben had his first trip to the Dentist!! Now for Ben the dentist is a long way from the house, down the street to Cedar Hills Dentistry, a whole 1.5 miles, a family dentists office run by our neighbor Dr. Bill:)

Sarah and Olivia took Ben to the dentist, not really knowing how he would do. At home Ben uses his Thomas the train toothpaste and tooth brush, but getting him to actually brush his teeth versus suck on his tooth brush can be a big challenge. Dr. Bill and Stacy, the hygienist, told Ben he has been doing a great job brushing at home and to keep it up, TWICE a day! They told him at night he is supposed to let Mom and Dad help out to make sure all the bad suff gets brushed away!

Here is Ben being a champ with Stacy while she cleans and picks at his teeth!! I can't believe it he doesn't sit still for anything, yet he did a wonderful job for Stacy!! He did have to wear his lucky orange shorts though!!
Here is Ben again, being such a big boy letting Dr. Bill clean and check his teeth and gums.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Olivia

Our Dear Sweet Olivia, with all the pictures of Ben being active I decided to make one posting of just you and your sweet face!!!
Look at you so cute in your dress and bloomers!

What a hot day on the boat, much better than trying to float around with that very, very uncomfortable life jacket!

Here I come, ready or not!! you know you want to give me a big kiss on the cheek!!

Aw now this is the life! Lazy days at the cabin are GOLD!!! Can't wait til I can swim like a fish with my big brother!!! but for now this is the LIFE, Ahhhh!!!!
Come on now, you know i look good!!
Mommy and me, what a pair, get ready world I am just getting warmed up!!!

Building deck sections at the cabin

The Cabin needed some deck sections built down by the water, so Ben set out to get them Built Right! Our little mr. Ben the builder! Ben did a great job of using the drill and drilling the holes where he was asked and he even was successful at not breaking a drill bit until the project was all over, his dad can't claim that!!
Ben has to be like grandpa and wear his "Do-Rag" while he is working along with his sun glasses, what a little Stud.
Just incase you didn't see that he and grandpa wearing their "Do-Rags" Ben wants to make sure you know what they are wearing!!


The annual Alm Family Twins Game!! Boy was this anticipated with great excitement!!!
Grandpa and Ben tried getting close to the action for a couple of autographs before the game but as you can see they were swallowed up by the crowd, it is okay because Mauer wasn't playing that day anyway, boy was Ben bummed to not see his favorite player in person. Maybe Next time.
As you can see Olivia was finally having a good time once the sun went behind Target Field, it was one of the hottest days this summer and she did not want to be held at all in the sun, can't blame her. She did get to meet Tony Oliva while I was bouncing here above the seats. What a really nice guy!! Thanks Tony!
Looks like Mom and Dad got a couple minutes to enjoy the game with no one in their laps, at least for one half inning. Thanks Alm family for a very fun outing, can't wait til next year!!
If you are wondering why you don't see any more pictures of Ben in his Twins gear it is because he didn't sit still long enough with all the treats, TC the Bear, and his desire to see ALL of Target Field!! It was truly awesome to see him having so much fun!! Boy nap time was even before we got into the car to leave. Dad got to carry him for the last 100 feet or so before we could get to the car, what a trooper!!

Baby Lovas

Well a few weekends ago we had the Lovas/Felkey Klan over for a baby shower for the soon to be Baby Lovas.
The turn out was grand and everyone had fun!!

Ben, Jonathan, Tenley(I think, but probably incorrect) had a great time playing with toys, running around the house and playing tackle in the back yard.

We all had fun and cannot wait until little Lovas arrives in a matter of week!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up North at Grandpa Joel's Cabin(Anna Felkey's Cabin)

One long weekend in July the Knight's visited Anna and Nick at Anna's grandpa's place in Big Fork, MN. Boy did we luck out on the weather this year!! The kids played in the water and so did Ben and Olivia. We got to spend time with Joel, Joan(Anna's Aunt from Iowa) and both Champ and Scout.

Everyone had a blast, it was very relaxing and wonderful to spend quality time with our dear friends the Lovas's. Ben and the Ladies helped weed Joel's garden so all the wonderful veggies could brow big and nutritious.
Don't worry Olivia is out in the water by herself, she is a total natural! Mom was just out of the picture, don't think we are negligent!!

Here is Anna getting her practice in before baby Lovas shows up in end of August!!

Nick wasn't so sure so he joined Ben in using a Noodle for extra floatation. The water was so nice up there, Ben had a hard time getting out, once he determined it was okay for all of us of course:)!!Ben is a great "Reach and Pull" swimmer, Water Tots here he comes!! Ben is pretty good at swimming with his water shoes, hat and sunglasses, what a talented kid.

Joel had lots of tomato plants along the waters edge and Ben had to make sure they got plenty of water each and every day we were there. Scout did as well, he helped some of them end up in the lake as he was chasing balls and jumping over all the rocks on the edge. Champ spent the weekend hunting frogs and other creatures which were very prevalent at the lake. The dogs slept well each and every night. They had their own slumber party in the boat house.
As you can see with Olivia's big smile she had a wonderful time at the cabin and cannot wait to get back up there in the summers ahead!! One more wonderful weekend at the lake with the Felkey/Lovas's. Oh Yah Nick made some fabulous Halibut for dinner one night, what a very generous treat for the two families!!
Till next time.....