Friday, July 20, 2012

Twins Territory!

Twins Territory here we come! Yesterday was our annual Family Twins outting. It was a perfect day for outdoor baseball. The sun was behind the clouds for most of the game, there was a slight breeze and the kids did great. The only thing missing was a Twins Win.

If you noticed Jameson did not appear in any of these pictures. We were not sure what the weather would be like so he spent the day at school but don't worry he was still wearing his Twins outfit. Maybe next year Jameson.
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma "across the street" for a great afternoon!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer is Flying By

While Trevor had his day of golf with the guys I took the kids to the Minnetonka Summerfest with the moms and their kiddos. We got there just in time for the kids to participate in the kid trot. They got numbers at the start and medals at the finish.
              James, Ben, Addie, Vinny and Jacob (Olivia was hiding in the back with Jameson)
                              Ben also enjoyed the pony rides but Olivia said no way!
        Jameson was a trooper and just relaxed in the stroller all afternoon. He is just such a happy little guy!
The Minnetonka fire house was open and the kids loved climbing in the fire truck. Olivia is ready to take if for a spin.

                                     No speeding or this guy might pull you over!
                              Here comes trouble! James and Jacob are on the loose!
Last year I got to join Ben and his class on the field trip to Apple Jack Orchard for strawberry picking and this year was Trevor's turn.

                                   Nothing better than fresh home grown strawberries

                                         Ben and Wesley showing off their pickings
       After picking they stopped off at the DQ for a little treat before heading back to school.
Finally last week the kids had the St.Jude Trik-a-Thon. The kids all raise money for St. Jude's Children's research and then they bring their bikes to school and ride around the parking lot for a while. The Knight kids were well supported that day. Grandma, Kate, Julie, Stephanie and Leslie all showed up to watch the kids bike.
                                                 Kinsley was cruising on her strider
Cullen can really fly now on his 2 wheels. Big surprise that Ben wanted his training wheels off THAT night. Trevor promised we could try 2 wheels soon.
                                           Will Modrow was lapping the girls on his strider.
                                                    Here comes Ben and Will Moseley
It was a hot day but the kids had a great time!
As you can see we have been quite busy but it has been a great summer.