Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer begins for 2010

It has been awhile i know but i am finally getting to update the blog.

Alot has happened since the last posting, The knight family has been blessed with another member, Olivia, YA!!!
Benjamin welcomed Olivia with open arms and some days we wish he didn't want to love her quite so much:)!
Olivia is a wonderful baby, cute(of course), and very, very happy:)!
Olivia loves to sit on a blancket out in the sun this summer, of course with a good shade tree:)!
Boy Dady makes weird faces, Olivia don't worry he will never grow out of the goofy face stage.

During one of the first trips to the Cabin this summer Ben got his first fishing pole, and he could hardly wait to use it. Well for his delight the sunnies under the dock made sure they sacrificed themselves so Ben could catch a fish. Ofcourse he was excited but he also didn't want to take the fish off the hook, looks like dad has a long future of removing fish, worms, leaches and other slimy stuff from the kids hooks!!
just for you Jaimie:)!