Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation Day, Graduation Day, Graduation Day is Finally Here...

Last night we celebrated Ben's Preschool Graduation. He is officially ready for Kindergarten. Although I think it is a little crazy what they do for these preschoolers I must admit it was pretty darn cute and I did get a little teary watching him walk in wearing his cap and gown. Ben has been with John and Galina since he was 4 months old so it is bitter sweet to think that he will not be there with them next year.

John and Galina both spoke a little (once Galina stopped crying), his teachers both had a few things to say and then the kids had prepared a few songs for us to enjoy.

Ben and Leanna
Nikita, Raegan and Vivian
 Ben's buddy Wesley is in Kindergarten this year but he has continued to come to Orchard Park every day in the afternoons and Ben loved having him there. I think he would have been lost without Wes this year.

Raegan, Miss Alvira and Ben (she is a high school student who works there in the afternoons)
                                                                       Proud Parents                                      
Future High School Class of 2026!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting so Big

Our little guy is getting so big! Just in the last month or so he has started to babble more and say a few words. He is trying to play with his brother and sister and learning quickly to defend himself against them. He is turning into a little person with an opinion all of his own right before our eyes.
                                  Trying to walk around the house in one of Ben's Crocs
                                         Ready to join his siblings for a game of T-ball
                                       Trying so hard to get on his bike all by himself
                          Driving, oh wait that is not suppose to happen for another 14 years!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Two Wheels

Last weekend we went to the park with our neighbors and Ben just got out his bike and was ready to go. I thought maybe he had forgotten that we had taken his training wheels off last fall but he remember and was ready to try 2 wheels. He did great! I went slow with him on the way there and helped him get started but by the ride home I could no longer keep up. He practiced more on Monday and I think he has it down now, or at least until he has his first fall.