Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Pictures

                                                          Jameson (10 months)
                      And by the end of the hour it was definitely time to be done and go home!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Batman and his side kick Little Piggy

Our kids definitely had an opinion about what they wanted to be this year for Halloween. Ben was going to be Batman! Olivia kept telling everyone she was going to be a piggy. Well finding a pig costume was harder than I thought but the Internet did not let me down. Jameson was the only one not telling me what he wanted to be this year (although next year might be a different story).
 First stop of the night was to Aunt Kate's house. As always Kate had special treats for her little niece and nephews!
 Ben informed me a few weeks ago... "Mom I have LOTS of houses to go to this year" so lucky for Dad it was not too cold because these two would not let him skip a single house on the block.
 Olivia loved her piggy costume! When I asked to see her tail she would turn around and shake her little butt to make that tail wiggle.
 As always Jess and Al joined us for Halloween. Their little guy John was so happy and just watched the older kids in amazement. Jess and I decided next year we will let the Dads take all the kids out and we will stay home, drink wine and hand out candy.