Sunday, April 29, 2012

Firsts, Firsts and more Firsts

Two weeks ago Trevor and I went to our FIRST Twins game of the season with Molly and Adam. Even though the kids stayed home with Aunt Kate the whole family was dressed to support the team.

Grandma found this  big wheel at a sale she went to last week. Olivia loves her FIRST bike. She can't quite reach the pedals but that doesn't stop her!
For her birthday she got this great scooter and this was the FIRST time she was able to ride it and figure it out all on her own. Now she is just like her big brother on his scooter and she thinks she is pretty hot stuff.

Last week Jameson went to the doctor for his 4 month check up. He was 27 1/8 inches long (98%), 16#15oz (85%). This is bigger than both Ben and Olivia were at their SIX month check up.  The doctor gave us the go ahead to try some solids anytime now. So last night that is what we did. Jameson had his FIRST go at solids, yummy rice cereal. He did great and manage to get most of it in his mouth 

He was one happy boy after his FIRST bowl of cereal with one full tummy! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The kids got in the mood for Easter by decorating some foam eggs that Grandma brought over for them. This was followed by dying over 2 dozen Easter eggs and getting baskets out for the Easter bunny to fill.

Easter morning is always filled with excited as they find their baskets. Ben was thrilled with his new Joe Mauer shirt and glow sticks. Olivia loved her new purple tutu and pink crocs for school. We tried to limit the candy to a piece or two before church. The Easter Bunny must have been a little lazy this year because he did not hide the kids eggs. He just left a note for Mommy and Daddy to hide the eggs!

                 For lunch we had the Knight family over and the Alms at our house. It was great to have  
                                everyone together and made for a very relaxing Easter afternoon.
                                       After church we did manage to get a few family photos.


   Ben got a cool new Lego set in his basket from Julie. Thomas sat and helped Ben put together the 
                                                          whole thing before lunch.
 After lunch Mommy and Kate did as instructed by the Easter Bunny and headed out to hide the eggs for the kids. Olivia was a little unsure at first but with Aunt Kate's help she was filling her net in no time.
Notice Ben is out in his shorts! He got a new summer Ravens outfit from Aunt Kate and even though it was cool and windy that did not stop him from wearing his shorts outside. We did manage to get him in at least a jacket but even that was a struggle. What a little hot body!

As a side note this is the new headboard in our room. My mom found it at an Antique shop in Excelsior. It was a 3 section room divider and Trevor just mounted it to the wall. I had been looking for something that looked like a big old door. This turned out better than I could have expected.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teddy Bear Band

    Last weekend Nick and Anna invited us over for breakfast and play date with Jacob. So when you have young kids these get togethers start early. Last time they came over they rang the door bell at 7:15 (of course this was one morning our kids slept in and we were all in bed), good thing we are all such good friends because we just rolled out of bed and answered the door still half asleep.


After breakfast it was off to the International School to see the Teddy Bear Band. The kids loved the concert. Ben as always was a little more reserved but Olivia just jumped right in to the songs, dancing and choo, choo train around the auditorium