Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

 This year Jameson really got into the pumpkin carving. He sat here with his gloves on for about 30 minutes adding "hair" around the edge of his pumpkin.
 Still working...
 The kids could not wait to get out and start trick or treating. Again this year the Brandhorst family joined the Knights for pizza and trick or treating. John is now two and a half and I think he was starting to understand the whole Halloween thing, at least for a little while until he wanted to return to the house to play with the trucks. 

 Jameson was really excited this year to be a tiger and say "roarrrrrrr"
 After the kids had at least one piece of pizza they were off to meet up with the Moseleys and Gilboes. Addie and Oliva were both Supergirl and they were all smiles.
 These two boys lasted over two hours and by the end they both came home complaining about their tired legs.  However, by the looks of the candy bags it was well worth it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Fun

We had such a nice October and the kids definitely took advantage of some of the nice days. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Owen Thomas Roinestad

Emily and Thomas welcomed Owen Thomas on 10/19/14 at 10:20 pm. It was a long weekend. Emily had been having high blood pressure that the doctors were watching closely and on Friday night they started the induction process. I got to the hospital on Saturday morning around 6:30 am thinking that things would getting started soon. Boy was I wrong. Emily's body was just not ready to have this baby. Thomas and I waited all day Saturday, all Saturday night and a finally on Sunday around noon the doctor could break her water and things were able to progress. 
 Emily did a great job! She had great nurses and doctors over the 2 days and finally this little guy joined us. 
 I finally get to be an Aunt and more exciting is the fact that my kids finally have a cousin! What can I say, they are totally in love with this little guy.
 Saturday we went up to visit since Trevor and Ben had not met Owen yet and it was Thomas's Birthday. When we left Ben was in tears and asked why we had to leave Owen. I had to explain that we did not live with Emily and Thomas. Olivia then asked all day Monday when we were home why we could not go visit the baby.
 Jameson has not wanted to hold him yet but he loves to kiss his head any chance he can get.
 I took this picture and when I looked back at it I started to panic a little. This is what our family will look like in a few very short months. YIKES! 
 Teaching her cousin funny faces already.

 We love this little peanut and we are so blessed to add another member to the Alm, Knight, Roinestad family!

Trip to the Orchard

This year at the suggestion of our neighbors Trevor, the kids and the Knights tried a new orchard down in Jordan. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time picking apples.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This boy melts my heart! Ben got these camo pants for his birthday and one day while Ben was at school Jameson found them and put them on by himself. He was so proud of his new pants! He wore them around the house all day even though he was drowning in them. He is now asking for a pair "Just like Ben's" for his birthday. Of course Grandma has already taken care of that...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

He is 7!

I cannot believe that Ben is 7 years old. He has grown up so much in the last year. Lucky for me my big boy is still a sweet, tenderhearted boy that likes to snuggle with mom and dad. 
 Ben request this year was for a football cake. I was smart this year and took pictures of him with the cake before all 15 boys showed up.
 Ben wanted to play kickball this year for his party. We invited 15 boys and we had them all dropped off at the softball field at Tanglen. The boys played there for an hour and it was a great way to burn off some energy before walking back to our house. Trevor did a great job running the game and making sure they all made it safely back to our house.
 Olivia went to play with Addie while we were at the field but Jameson had fun at the game just walking around and playing in the dirt.
 When they got back to the house they went straight to the backyard for the Pinata. Trevor was a little tricky with the kids. He not only made them dizzy before they started swinging but he was also  raising and lowering the pinata as the kids were swinging. We did after all have to get through 15 boys before it busted open.
 Then it was inside for pizza, cake and ice cream. Lets just say I am glad all these boys were only in my house for 45 minutes before the parents came to pick them up. It was a great group of boys but 15 is just a lot of boys!
 The party was a success. We did not lose any kids, had no major injuries and they all had a great time.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Celebrating Baby Boy Roinestad

Last weekend Katherine and I hosted a baby shower in honor of Emily and her soon to arrive baby boy. It was a shower for my mom and dad's side of the family and a few of my mom's close friends. It was great to have everyone here as many made the drive up from southern MN just for the day. We can't wait to meet this little boy!
Great Grandma Eisenmenger, Emily and Grandma Jeanne
 Ben was VERY sad that it was a girls only party so he came over at the end and got a picture with Emily
 Olivia on the other hand was SO EXCITED that it was a girls only party and she was invited. She put on her party outfit and loved every minute
 Aunt Judy could not come for a visit without a little play time with Ben. After the shower had officially ended I am not sure who was more excited to get out side, Ben or Judy?
Judy was giving Ben a few football tips...
  on how to throw the ball...
And Hike the ball... I think Grandpa even a little video of the two them running around the yard. We all stood inside and enjoyed the show