Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jameson Updates

After many months of trips to the doctor, medications and sleepless night we may finally have some relief. Yesterday morning Jameson had tubes placed in his little ears. The procedure is so quick it is amazing. The doctor came to talk to us after and felt this was really the best option for him after the way his ears looked. He told us they were pretty infected, inflamed and full of fluid so Jameson may be a little uncomfortable for the rest of the day but in true Jameson form he was happy as could be once we got him home.

Jameson also officially started walking over the weekend. Now prior to this weekend he was taking little steps here and there but now he actually prefers to walk and he is all over the place and loves to show off his new skills.

Winter Fun

With some of this COLD Minnesota weather we have had the Knight kids have tried to find ways to have fun indoors.
Jameson is getting so big and he is such a climber. He has been way more interested in climbing than walking.
 One morning we had all three kids on the couch with their little bowl of cereal and I think Jameson thought he was pretty cool sitting between his older siblings.
 Trevor and I joined the Williston Center for the winter months so the kids can swim at the splash pad and play in the Tree House. Jameson and Olivia are getting more and more comfortable in the water and Ben is a fish as always...

Olivia and Olivia enjoying some quality time in the pool together