Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcoming Jameson Robert Knight

Jameson Robert Knight

12/14/2011 at 6:47pm

8lbs. 7oz and 22 inches long

When I headed to the doctor on Wednesday for my weekly Ultrasound and appointment with the doctor I was not expecting directions to head right to the hospital for an induction due to the drop in fluid levels since the previous week. So poor Trevor gets a phone call at work from me telling him to meet me at Southdale. They started the induction at 12:00 and slowly increased the meds, I got my epidural around 3:30, started pushing at 6:30 and we had our little boy out by 6:47.

Trevor got to announce the gender and his response was ...

"Holy Crap it's a Boy"

My parents brought the kids about an hour later to meet their new baby brother. Ben could not contain himself he was so excited!

Grandma and Grandpa "across the street" came, Emily and Katherine were there and Grandma and Grandpy Knight joined that night as well.
The kids came to visit again the next night and although Olivia was not sure what to think the first night she was so excited to hold her new baby brother on night 2.

Jameson looked pretty rough the first few days. He had swollen eyes from the drops they put in and a baby rash that the doc said was "impressive" that covered his whole body.

This is what the first few days at home were like... lots of lying around watching movies and relaxing.

Proud Daddy!

No surprise to us Ben has been loving every moment with Jameson. He can't wait for Mommy to bring Jameson to school so he can show all his friends.

Welcome to the Family Jameson!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

She is 2 Years Old!

Olivia's Birthday started out with a Bang! Olivia came down with Croup on Friday night. After Trevor and I spent 2 hours lying in bed listening to her breath we decided to head to Southdale's ER. We got there at 3:45 in the morning. The poor girl had x-rays, meds and a shot but after that she was doing much better. We got home around 6:30 and she slept until almost 11:00. After some sleep and the drugs from the hospital she was ready to party.

There were so many generous gifts from family and friends. Her big brother was of course a huge help in opening them all.

She got these sunglasses from Grandma and Grandpy and she thought she was pretty hot stuff.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you.

Naughty or Nice?

Thanksgiving weekend we went to see Santa at Tonkadale Nursery. He is the BEST Santa. You don't have to wait in line and you actually get more than 30 seconds to talk to Santa. Olivia was a little afraid so poor Santa ended up with the WHOLE Knight family on his lap.

When the line slowed down Ben and Cullen had a little extra time with Santa.

Wonder what worldly advice Santa is sharing with these young minds?

Santa also wanted a picture with the newest member of the Knight family.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Mo Candy"

"Mo Candy" has become Olivia's favorite new saying. Poor girl got her mom's sweet tooth. Halloween weekend has not helped this problem.

Saturday Ben and Trevor went to the cabin to help with fall clean up and Olivia and I had the day to ourselves. She had her first experience with the large leaf piles I was raking and she LOVED it. She just kept running through the piles squealing with delight. Even the neighbors stop to see what all the fuss was about.

She also wanted to spend some time with her pumpkins and then when we moved to the back yard she kept saying "bye bye pumpkin, bye bye pumpkin"

We thought we were going to need one of those chair swings for her but she would have nothing to do with that. She loves the big swing and just sit there saying "Mo Underdog, Mo Underdog"

Sunday night we carved pumpkins and just like every other year Al and Jess provided us with one BIG pumpkin! Ben could not reach the bottom to get the guts out and Trevor could barely lift it even once it was carved.

Thanks Al for another great Pumpkin!

Halloween finally arrived and the kids had a great time painting the little pumpkin.

Trick or Treat time!

This year Ben told us he wanted to be SpiderMan. This was the first year he really had an opinion about his costume. Olivia did not care so much and she was the cutest monkey I have ever seen!

We ran into Adam, Molly, Will and Addie on the street as they were heading to our house. Will was ready to fight some fires!

We went to more houses this year than ever before. Ben was really getting into the Trick or Treating and I am afraid next year he will not let us skip a single house!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Jack's

Sunday morning we headed out to Apple Jack's Orchard in Delano.

The kids had a great time running, running and running some more.

Last year when we went to the orchard Olivia spent most of the time in the stroller as she was not even walking yet. This year the stroller did not even come with us and there is no way Olivia would have anything to do with riding in a stroller.

Last year our timid little 3 year old did not want anything to do with the pony rides but this year our big 4 year old could not wait to give the pony ride a try.

Ben helped Olivia up to the top of the hay pile and they thought they were pretty cool standing up there.

Grandpy joined us and we all enjoyed the wagon ride around the orchard.

I think Grandpy came just so he could try out the apple cannon. This was the favorite activity last year and I don't think things have changed much. I don't know who has more fun with this Ben or Grandpy.

All smiles all morning long!!

Right before the rain came the kids took a ride in the cow train that is pulled by a tractor.

Even with a little rain at the end of our trip the kids loved the orchard and it was a great family morning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fun

The last few weekends have been filled with Fall Fun! We made a quick stop at the Minnetonka Apple Orchard last weekend to help Vinny celebrate his 1st Birthday. The kids loved the little train ride behind the tractor, especially with Daddy along for the ride.

October 16th was here before we knew it and our little boy was turning 4!! We had a little party on Sunday night with family and a few friends. Ben picked out his cake, a CARS cake was his choice.

Murrays joined our family gathering and Ben was so excited to have his buddy Cullen at the party to help celebrate.

He did not lack love, attention or gifts that day. He cannot tell time yet but still insisted he wanted a watch for his birthday. Grandpa and Grandma across the street came through.

(as a side note this morning he said " we have to go in 5 minutes, that is what my watch says, mom")

Thanks to all who helped celebrate with Ben!

This weekend was also filled with firsts for Olivia. Friday night we moved her into her NEW room and her Big Girl bed. We did family story time, gave her kisses and walked away. She gave me a little sad lip but then we did not hear a peep out of her. She has done great every night since.

She just looks so little in that big bed.

So once the swing set was moved across the fence it needed a few new parts. It now has a new rock wall, ladder that is safe for Olivia and a new slide thanks to Grandpy and Grandma. The kids love it!

Thanks Grandpy and Grandma for our new toys that will provide us years of fun!