Sunday, December 8, 2013

She is 4!!

Our little girl has turned 4!! I cannot believe how fast she has grown up. She is sweet, cuddly, funny, curious, stubborn and sassy as ever and we just cannot get enough of her! Jeff took some picture of the family this fall and Olivia definitely stole the show. Here is a little glimpse of her personality at 4.

This year Olivia had her first party with a few close friends. The party included the Moseleys, Modrows, Murrays and Juliens. The kids had a great time decorating their aprons and chef hats, making pizzas and having cake and ice cream. We were not sure how Olivia would do because she does not like a lot of attention on her in large groups of people but she did great. The party was a success!

 Happy Birthday Sweetie!