Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid Summer Update

I know can you believe it another update to the BLOG!!! what is the world coming too?!
The summer has been very nice, and Olivia is really loving the warm shady areas around the pool. Pretty in Pink is all you have to say!! she loves hanging out there watching her big brother Ben. I am sure next year we will have our hands full at the pool!! Can't wait!!!
So Ben is really loving the water, not like it is hard when it is 90 degrees and 60%RH!! He loves to jump off the side, watch out dad if you aren't ready he will jump anyway!

A belly flop is his specialty, he loves jumping as far as he can, we just need to work on starting at the edge. Next stop the diving board, can't wait, i bet he gets a 10 for the cannon ball!
After a hard day of swimming we need to get all the chlorine off, the two of them think bath time is a lot of fun! Someday they are going to hate us for this picture, but hey i got to have the fun now while i can.
I guess the laying by the pool, bath and jumping non stop in the jumparoo was too much for Olivia, she loves this thing so much she has no problem sleeping in it. Till the next day!!