Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend!

Friday I took the day off and joined Ben and his classmates on their field trip to Apple Jack Orchards for strawberry picking. Ben loves the bus ride!

(Daniel, Ben, Jackson & Cullen)

Mommy Loved spending the morning with Ben

Mauri is Reagan's mom and she joined the crew as well.

(Mauri, Julie, Wesley, Anton, Sasha,Reagan, Daniel)

Shanon also had the day off so our weekend with the Murrays started bright and early Friday morning.

When we arrived the kids got a tour on the wagon of the entire apple orchard and all the different trees that will have delicious apples in the fall. There were also a couple pumpkin patches, raspberry patches and of course the strawberry patch. The wagon dropped us off and everyone was given a little container to fill with strawberries to take home and enjoy. I think Ben ate as many as he picked.

When we got back to school we followed the plan Ben had been telling everyone all morning...

" When we get back me and Cullen are going to eat lunch and the mommies are going to pick up the daddies and come back and get us to go the cabin"

It worked out great because the kiddos slept the whole way to the cabin and when we arrived they were rested and ready for some fun!

The boys and dads got to sleep in the camper all weekend and after a good night sleep they came in for breakfast.

The girls were a different story... They took turns keeping the mommies up all night for the first night but lucky for us the second night was much better.

After Breakfast they did not waste any time getting ready to begin the day's activities. On the agenda: Fishing, swimming, Fishing, donuts, play at the park, lunch/nap, golfing, more fishing.

The girls had a good weekend too playing together and having quality time with their mommies!

The boys loved the "motor boat" as Cullen called it.

Olivia with her "Grandpa across the street"

And even at the end of a whole weekend together these boys were still Best Buds

We were sad to say good bye but all good things must come to an end!

Thanks Murrays for a great weekend at Middle Cullen!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Henry Steven Stenzel

Last week my dear friend and roommate from St.Thomas gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. We went to visit today and he is just perfect.

Henry Steven Stenzel 6/12/11Ben and Olivia loved the baby. Ben has always been so good with babies and Henry was no exception. Olivia I was not so sure about but she just kept walking around saying "baby" "baby". Then she would walk over, kiss him a few times and move onto the next activity, then repeat the cycle a few minutes later.

I now have no doubt they will be great with Baby K #3.

Good Company, Good Food, Good Times!

We spent last weekend on Middle Cullen with the Julien and Modrow families. The weather was not great but that did not stop us from having a great time. After the rain stopped on Saturday we all went for boat ride and then the kids wanted to do some swimming ( or more like floating on dad since I think only Trevor and Stefan got wet)

Ben loves to ride on Dad out to the floating raft staying as dry as possible

Addie and Stefan eventually made it out there as well

(Stefan and Addie)

Saturday night all the kids took turns getting cleaned up before bed in our little mini bath tub right in the middle of the living room. No, Olivia does not have the Chicken Pox, she was just attacked by the Mosquitoes.

Not sure what Will is doing here. I think he is telling us he does not want his picture taken.

Ready for bed after a long day of play

(Olivia, James, Ben)

Sunday morning Addie and Olivia shared the chair and their cereal while watching a little TV before we started the day.

Sunday the sun started to peak out a little and the kids headed for the beach.

Olivia had fun covering herself with sand. I don't think too much ended up in the mouth.

Will liked the water more than any of the kids and was soon up to his diaper in water.

So Ashley decided it was time to get out the swim gear. Does this kid look ready for the beach or what?

All in all the weekend was a success. It was nice for the Moms and Dads to relax and for the kids to have some play time together ( and maybe a little fighting too!)

Thanks Modrows and Juliens for a great weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Middle Cullen Here We Come!!

This past weekend we finally made our way north to Nisswa and Middle Cullen. Ben could not wait for a weekend at the cabin.

Olivia did not really know where she was when she woke up on Saturday morning and crawled into bed with Grandpa and Grandma. However, it did not take her long to get comfortable in her new home away from home for the summer.

Maybe she got a little too comfortable thinking she could drive Grandpa's boat!

It was hot outside but the water was still awfully chilly! That did not stop Ben from taking a little ride on the inner tube. By Sunday he even went for a swim off the floating raft.

This is where we keep the animals when they are misbehaving!

Grandpa and Grandma put in a beach last year and the kids are loving it.

Even Olivia got her feet wet.

After a full weekend of Fun and Sun we were all ready for a good night sleep in our own beds

(or even a car seat would do for some)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to skip the cabin for the long weekend so we could stay home and get some work done on the house but there was still plenty of time for fun. It was so nice Saturday morning that we headed to Purgatory Creek with the Murray family. Here is Olivia with her BFF Kinsley enjoying a ride around the park.

(holding hands and everything)

We even took Scout and he loved swimming in the creek.

We went back to the Murray's for lunch and some play time in the yard. It has been really fun to watch the girls in the last couple months because they are actually starting to play together instead of just co-existing.

After Saturday the weather started to turn but that did not stop Trevor and Ben from getting the garden planted on Monday. They came in the house after their work was done covered in mud.

Overall the weekend was a success with a good balance of work and play.