Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knight's Trip to see Washington State

The entire Knight family went to visit G&G Farmer for their 60th Wedding Anniversary Party. It had been 10 years since the Knight kids were in Washington.

Grandma and Grandpa were so excited to have all of us visiting.

We were so excited to see them, it had been way too long.

Aunt Leslie and Great Grandma Farmer
Benjamin really likes his Great Grandparents!!!

Grandpa with Benjamin. The two of them sure like to have fun. Grandpa is such a softy!!

G&G Farmers Home is very nice, we got to see many of the beautiful flowers, but there were so many more a week or more before we got there, Eastern Wash. is so warm they bloom early and bloom fast. Oh well we saw pictures.

The city pool is once again a big hit for the Knight family!!!
Cory had the fastest time down the water slide, Trevor was right behind him a couple of tenths of a second!!! Benjamin really liked the pool, he liked it better when the sun was still shinning, not after the sun set, burrr.

Now we have a picture of the person both Trevor and Benjamin were named after. Grandpa's father's name was Conrad Jr. Counting the headstone we have 5 generations here in Ritzville, WA.
This evenings activities brought many tears to people's eyes. Many fond memories of people. We are so lucky to have spent this time with Grandma and Grandpa. I wish I could have met Grandpa Con, he sounds like such a wonderful man.

Benjamin likes the water, when it is hot, after the sun goes down that wind becomes quite cold. He had fun anyway. Looks like we have a little fish on our hands....

Once again, trying to take a serious picture the Knight family fails miserably!!!
We were just having so much fun on this trip no one could be too serious!!!

All the grand kids, by height. Yes, yes Cory is taller then Trevor, 1 inch is what separates us now a days. Don't worry Laura is not half the height of Cory, she is standing down a slight hill.
From left to right; Cory, Trevor, Leslie, Derek, Troy, Tracy, Trisha, Laura.
It was great to see all the cousins again, it had been 10 years since the last time we saw them all.

Leslie really enjoyed her Auntie time with Benjamin......

Benjamin and his second cousin Katherine. Boy she is a cutie!!!
They had such wonderful conversations together!!!!
What a memorable trip to Eastern Washington State. We hope it will not be another 10 years until we come back. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Farmer for their wonderful Hospitality for taking all of us in and feeding us all weekend, we know how difficult that can be solely for the Knight family, Cory and Dad eat enough for a second family!!!!
Many memories were made and good times were had, we are truly blessed to be apart of such wonderful people!!! We love G&G Farmer whole bunches!!!

Trevor and his first attempt at a Triathlon

Alright everyone, yes it is true Trevor decided to get his butt in shape, well sort of in shape. Trevor, Steve, and Stefan turned out for their First Triathlon, the Lake Waconia 19th Annual Tri.

As you can see behind us were the 3.5 ft swells that we would be swimming through at the beginning of the race.

For those of you who do not know, a Tri consists of a 0.5 mile swim, a 24 mile bike ride and then finally a 4.0 mile run. To make things even better this Tri was run with 20 mph wind and 75 Degree F weather. Piece of Cake for the Young Men, well maybe for Steve and Stefan.

Here is Sarah, Ben and Trevor before Sarah was seriously nervous for her husband's life.

As it turns out Steve and Stefan totally beat Trevor out of the water by 10 minutes. Trevor was busy swimming from life guard to life guard, the White caps were a lot for him to handle. Sarah kept looking into the water wondering, I sure hope his head is still above water....
Trevor was able to gain some time back on Stefan but Steve rocked the bike and the run. All three of them completed the race and look forward to another race later this summer and next year.
Trevor finished not first, but not last so it was successful. Total time during the race, 2hr 43min.
Trevor will be spending more time in the water next time practicing for the next race:)!!!
Here is something you didn't think you would see.....

Trip to See Brewers get Beat by MN Twins!!!

The "Family" took a trip to see the Brewer's get beat by our MN Twins!!! The trip was a fantastic, Liz's grandmother allowed us to crash at her beautifull house in Lake City, WI. The group rode in a 15 passenger van from our house. We got everything crammed in for the 5 hour trip. Oh wait because of the flooding through WI the trip turned out to be 8 hours of fun.... Benjamin did great, he was a real treat the entire time, no seriously, he was a happy boy the entire way.

Here is the van and the HUGE TWINS flag we were sporting while tailgating!!!

Steve had his Vintage 80's hard rock blairing in the background, it was totally Awsome DUDE!!!

Benjamin was a great tail gaiter, here is Ben and Mom and Dad, rocking out to the 80's mix and their sporting their Twin's Gear!!!

Tailgaiting activities encluded the MN Gopher Corn Hole tournament!!!

Miller Park is really cool, Although the new Twin's Stadium will be really cool too!!!

Everyone Outside Miller Park.