Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Great MN Get Together

The temp reached 97 on Monday but that did not stop the Alm/Knight day at the fair. This year we made it there a little earlier in the day, around 2pm. The warm weather did not stop us from enjoying a full 7 hours at the Great MN Get Together! The day did, however, include a few more drinks and cold treats and a few less fried hot foods.

 Always the highlight of the fair is the Giant Slide and this year was no different. You cannot see Jameson but he is sitting behind Ben and he was all smiles. After the first trip down he was off and running for the stairs before Trevor could even pay for their tickets.

 After we watched the lumber Jack show Ben told Trevor he wanted to climb those ropes. At first Trevor was not sure what he was talking about but then he spotted the Boy Scouts of America's mini ropes course. I thought for sure he would get scared when he reached the top of the cargo net but he proved me wrong. He completed the course, trusted the guys helping and was all smiles throughout.

 It finally started to cool off when the sun went down so we enjoyed the last couple hours with more comfortable temps and a few more treats. It was another successful year at the Fair!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Week Of The Year!

This was the 2nd year that we took the family to the cabin for a whole week vacation. When the grandparents leave Sunday night it is just the 5 of us for the entire week. It is so relaxing and we really enjoy having a week with the kids without the daily distractions at home.
 The week was full of time on the lake, boat rides, sand, fishing and time by the fire. The week was a little cooler than normal for July but it did not stop this crew from all the fun the cabin had to offer.
 We had so much fun that Jameson could not even finish the boat ride without catching some zzzz's

 Jameson was showing us his messy lips after a s'more by the fire one night. Definitely needed a bath after that.
 Olivia caught her first fish all by herself that week and she was so proud (dad still had to take it off the hook)

                                      Teaching Jameson to fish. Quality father/son bonding
 It is not a vacation at the cabin without ice cream from the Chocolate Ox, messy face and all!

Olivia's Dance Class

Olivia had been asking all year to take a dance class. I think a couple girls at school take dance and so she had it in her head that it was something she wanted to do as well. I was excited to find a 6 week class through park and rec instead of a class that would last all year. The first week she sat on Emily's lap for the whole class and cried and cried when Emily left for 2 minutes to go to the bathroom. The last 2 weeks have been better. Olivia and Mommy are learning our dances (since she will not participate if I don't do it with her). She tries a little more each week and the goal is by week 6 she is doing 90% of the class on her own (we will see about that, might be a lofty goal)