Thursday, June 12, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend up north

Family and Friends -
The memorial Day weekend was a pleasure, weather was wonderful and it was very relaxing. Yard work was performed and a few cocktails were consumed in the afternoon and evening. We had a beach bonfire and enjoyed the call of the loon. Trevor tried his hand at fishing and caught 5 large crappies and 5 large mouth bass, and 1 northern that he never saw because it took his line and then snapped the line after taking a good 50ft of line.

Scout and Ellie enjoyed their time in the water and on the dock, like normal:)!!! They are in and out of the water run up and down the hill, onto the pontoon and off the pontoon. Soon Benjamin will be joining them in their game of tag. As seen above Ellie is on the right and Scout is on the left. They are learning to not be on the doc. while someone is walking on the dock holding Benjamin.

Here is a picture of what the cabin looks like from the inside. As you can see it is quite quaint. That is how we like it.

As you can see there is a nice view down to the lake from the main area of the cabin.

Benjamin and Scout are beginning to get along much better then when Ben first arrived. Here Benjamin and Scout are playing on the rug together. Scout is so patient with Benjamin. Ellie really loves Benjamin and wants to lick him clean all the time:)!!

Looks like Papa Bob lwill be giving up his captain's chair for the new Captain of the pontoon:)!!!

Benjamin was letting us all know he wanted to be driving the boat.
Don't worry the boat was tied to the dock at this time:)!!!!

Well keep posted for more updates!!
Next week Benjamin will be traveling to Milwakee with the whole gange for a Twins vs. Brewer's game. If you see the game on TV look for the big group in left field hopefully Bert will circle us:)!!