Monday, January 30, 2012

New Family Photos

We needed some new family photos since we had added another member to the family.

Jameson does not lack any love from his big brother and sister.

This is our little princess and she knows it!

I love this picture of Trevor and Jameson, daddy's newest side kick.

Some how in all the chaos Jeff always gets some great family photos

At Grandma's suggestion we decided to take a fun one when we were all finished.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

From YoYo Donuts to Turkey Bowling...

The Moseley Family made the long trip down the street this morning for some coffee and donuts followed by a little time on the new ice rink that Trevor has been working so diligently on in our back yard.
Molly and Adam brought donuts from YoYo Donuts and Coffee Bar. The donuts were delicious and the Maple Bacon Long John definitely lived up to our expectations!

After breakfast it was out to the rink with all the kids, Jameson included had his first experience on the rink.

The Moseleys brought their real bowling pins and a frozen Turkey to show the Knights how Turkey bowling is done.

The Kids loved the Turkey bowling!

Olivia helped mommy and Jameson since the Turkey was a little heavy.

Ben managed to sneak a little snuggle time with Addie in the sled.

Maybe next time we head out we will try the rink with some skates!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Melts your Heart!

This is the moment every parent waits for, that FIRST SMILE! That smile turns your little baby into a person. It is the first glimpse into the personality that will develop as he grows and it melts your heart and brings tears to the eyes.

Hague House Dinner

Every year around the holidays the girls (and spouses) from the house on Hague get together for a little holiday dinner. All of us lived at some point at the Hague house during our St.Thomas years. The Linder-Stenzel family has hosted our dinner the last few years at their house in St.Paul. This year was extra special since every one of us had had a baby in the last year or was currently pregnant!

(Jess, Maddy, Sarah, Sarah, Rachel & Jess)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas and so much more...

Off to church we went on Christmas Eve. This was our first adventure out of the house with the whole family. So here they are all 3 kids piled into the back of the car. This would never work in Trevor's car so we will soon be a mini van family.
After church we took a few pictures, opened a few presents and watched a Christmas movie. The whole day was relaxing and even though we missed being around the rest of the family it was nice to have a quite day at home.
Olivia got this outfit from the Juliens for Christmas and the kids love playing in the kitchen.
The Murrays invited us over to share in their spaghetti dinner for New Year's Eve. We decided it is nice to have friends to get together with that don't feel the need to stay up to watch the ball drop. We had a great night filled with good food and good friends!