Thursday, July 24, 2014

Annual Family Night at Target Field

Once again the whole family enjoyed a beautiful night at Target Field thanks to Grandpa and Grandma "across the street". The group seems to get bigger every year. This year it was Emily, Thomas, Kate, Trevor, Sarah, Ben, Olivia, Jameson, Grandpa and Grandma. Next year we will add 2 more to the group!
Jameson was loving his free hot dog!

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a great night!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Country Jam

Shanon's mom got us in to Country Jam working the Pepsi stand. We worked from 11-5 and then got to hang out and watch the rest of the concerts. It was amazing people watching! As the day went on the characters that came to our stand just got more and more crazy.

After our shift we grabbed some dinner and parked our chairs to enjoy the concert. It was a great day with great friends!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Camping with the Knights

This year we camped with Grandpi and Grandma at Father Hennepin State Park. The kids loved sleeping in the tent and they loved going in and out of Grandpi and Grandma's camper about a fifty times a day. Sleeping this year was much better than last year, meaning I go more than a hour and a half of sleep so that was good.
 We bought the Knights an ice cream maker for their anniversary. The kids had a great time rolling the ball around and they liked the ice cream they made even better!
 We have been trying to get Olivia on her big girl bike this summer as she is getting too tall for the Strider and Jameson is just the right size for it. He had fun testing it out and he did a great job and did not tip over even one time.
 We spent some time at the beach both days even on Sunday when it was really windy. The water was chilly but as usual it did not stop Ben, Trevor and Grandpi from swimming.
 Ben was doing front flips into the sand
 Jameson on the other hand does not like the sand on his feet so he kept his socks and shoes on the whole time. I, however, had no desire to get in the cold lake so I stayed on the grass and relaxed some in the chair.
 I love it when Jameson pouts. I just sit back and laugh at him
 And of course what would camping be without a camp fire and S'mores!

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend on Middle Cullen

4th of July weekend we spent at the cabin. The cabin construction is well under way which meant there was some work to be done by the boys. They worked on the wall that will keep the dirt from falling toward the cabin. Oh course, they had some great helpers all weekend.
 Kate and Olivia resting in what will be the new screened in porch. 
 At one point Jameson was working so hard to clean off the block on the right that he was throwing the sad right at Grandpa. He was so proud of his work while Grandpa was covered in sand.
 A look at the addition that will include another bunk room, a 2nd bath, an extension of the living space and the screened in porch facing the lake.
 Even though there was lots of work done there was also plenty of time for fun. The kids figured out that the pontoon can have a little speed and so gone are the days of a nice slow cruse around the lake. "Faster Faster" is now all we hear.
 Olivia caught this bass all by herself. Ben did have to help her get it out of the water cause she started freaking out when she realized she had a big fish on the end of her line. It was definitely a proud Olivia moment.
 Jameson tried but did not have any luck. Didn't seem to bother him one bit.
 We also managed to get a little golf in on Saturday. Ben played the back 9 with Grandpa, Grandma and Kate. He had a legitimate 4 on a Par 3 (this meant he beat Grandma on that hole). Trevor and I had the other 2 little helpers with us for the front 9. 
 This year Grandpa had hooks placed on the back of the pontoon and now it can pull the tube. Ben wanted to give it a try on Sunday and loved it! 
 Olivia was a little more reluctant but once the boat started to move she had a great time.