Monday, April 22, 2013

skate, skate, skate

Ben is taking some skating lessons this spring with Will Moseley down the street and Will's cousin. He just loves being on the ice and is doing really well. He now skates and balances without a hockey stick in his hand and can go in and out between the cones.
                                                                 Break Time
                                                           Back to the start he goes...
                                                        Work those cone Will!

Spring Where are you?

Spring in the Knight household cannot come soon enough. We have had a rough winter full of illness. It seems it is one right after the other. At one point this winter we had 5 weeks in row with at least one person puking in the house. In total I counted 9 rounds of the stomach flu, 5 rounds of fevers, 3 nasty colds and we topped it off with a trip to the ER for Jameson last night. Oh, how I cannot wait to open my windows and air out this joint!

Jameson woke up yesterday with a cough that progressed into some tough breathing and wheezing so when the nebulizers at home were not working we took him to the ER. After three rounds of nebs there and an oral steroid we were on our way home. He is doing much better today and is getting the hang of the whole nebulizer thing.... He is one independent little man.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A White Easter

The snow on the ground outside did not stop the Easter Bunny from leaving goodies at our house! This year the bunny just hid the eggs inside and the kids could hardly wait to find what the Easter Bunny had left them in their baskets and in the eggs around the house.
 Ben was so good about making sure every other egg was put in either Olivia's or Jameson's basket
 Jameson wasn't really sure what to think but he like the ones that looked like a soccer ball, baseball or football.
 After church we tried to grab a few quick pictures before all the family arrived for brunch and the kids changed out of their nice Easter outfits... Lets just say we were moderately successful.
Happy Easter to all our family and friends!

Updated Kitchen

The winter project at the Knight house was giving our kitchen what I like to call the poor man's face lift so here is the end result...