Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back in Business

So I don't know what has been wrong with the blog website but I have not been able to load pictures for the last month but today we are back in business so here are some fun pictures from December.

Jameson's 1st Birthday
Dec. 14, 2012
                                                                  Christmas 2012    
                                                   Santa even showed up Christmas Eve
I am not really sure what they were doing here but they looked so funny showing their muscles, Ben in his church shoes and Olivia dressed in all of Ben's clothing except for the pink boots. I couldn't resist the phone op.
                                                                         Winter Fun!

Monday, January 21, 2013


So my friend Shanon started doing this with her kids and I thought it was a great idea. So fun to see what they will say from year to year so here is my first interview with the kids. Questions were asked to each one individually so they could not hear the others responses.

1. Who do you LOVE?
     O: "Nobody" (typical)
     B: "You"

2. What do you like to do?
     O: "Color"
     B: "Play in the snow"

3. When I get home from school I like to...
     O: "Watch Strawberry Shortcake"
     B: "Watch Strawberry Shortcake"

4. What do I like to eat...
     O: "sometimes we eat sandwiches"
     B: "No ask me what I like to drink" "strawberry milk" eventually he said "I like to eat breakfast food like

5. I am most proud of...
    O: "at school playing Lego's"
    B: "wearing shorts in the cold"

6. If I could buy anything in the world it would be...
    O: "3 babies"
    B: "Pretzels and cookies"

7. It makes me sad...
    O: "when someone hits me like Liam" (a boy from school)
    B: " when our Christmas lights are off"

8. Who are my Best Friends...
    O: "Alaina and Kinsley"
    B: "Cullen and Wesley and Ari

9. When I grow up I want to be...
    O: "Another Piggy" (this year's Halloween costume"
    B: "A firefighter"

10. How tall am I...
    O: "This Big" with arms stretched out wide
    B: "I'm not sure, 10 feet tall"

11. I like to collect...
    O: "Kinsley"
    B: "charcoal"

12. How I felt on my first day of school...
   O: "Not good"
   B: "Not good, I felt like I was going to throw up"
         I think we might have a problem...

13. My favorite subject in school is...
    O: "making cookies"
    B: "going outside"

14. The most exciting thing at school this year was...
    O: a blank stare was all I got from Olivia
    B: "Thanksgiving"

15. My favorite teacher at school is...
    O: "Miss Erin, Miss Kathleen and Miss Linda"
    B: "Miss Kate"

Questions About Mommy

16. What does your mommy do while you are at school?
    O: "I don't know"
    B: "work"

17. What is her favorite TV show?
   O: "watching Strawberry Shortcake with us"
   B: "Scandal"

18: What does mommy say a lot?
   O: "Have a time out!"
   B: " I love you and I want to eat your cheeks" (so true cause this kids has the softest cheeks ever)

19. What do you like best about Mommy?
   O: "giving hugs"
   B: "butterfly kisses"

Questions about Daddy

20. Where does your Daddy work?
   O: "Down here" (she points down the street)
   B: "St.Thomas"

21. What is his favorite TV show?
   O: "watching Strawberry Shortcake with us"
   B: "Castle"

22. What is his favorite sport?
   O: "making cookies"
   B: "Basketball"

23. What do you like best about Daddy?
   O: "Giving hugs"
   B: "That he hugs me"

The best part of this whole thing for me was watching their little minds think long and hard about the questions, then answer with such certainty. Hope you enjoyed and we will see what next year will bring!