Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rudolph at Stages

Shanon invited Olivia and I to join her and the girls at Stages Theater in Hopkins to see Rudolph. We joined Shanon, Ashley and Will and Lynn for the show. It was definitely one of my favorites seen at Stages. We had great seats and Olivia loved the show. It was a great way to get ready for the holiday season

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Naughty or Nice?

As always we went to visit Santa at Tonkadale Nursery the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We have learned over the years that it just goes better for all if we make our picture a family photo. There are a lot less tears if we all just sit with Santa together.
 Then it is down to business. Santa asked each of the kids what was on the list they brought for him.
Ben: a REAL dirt bike, iPhone and games for his Wii 
Olivia: a horse for her American Girl doll, Barbies
Jameson: a puzzle
 Santa was VERY excited to hold Owen. When Emily went up to get him after the photo Santa said, "no, no no, I haven't had my time yet". It was pretty cute and of course Owen just slept through it all!
 We also saw a few other friends visiting Santa that day.
 Emma, Kinsley, Cullen, Nora, Will, Ben, Olivia, Jameson, James and Addie

Thursday, November 27, 2014

More time with Owen

The kids are just loving this new cousin. The poor little guy does not get a break when these three are around.
 Thanksgiving day was the first time Jameson decided he wanted to hold Owen. Great, now I have one more of my kids that I have to share time with the baby!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Growing Owen

Olivia is still totally in love with her new cousin. I don't ever get my hands on this cute baby for more than 2 minutes and Olivia is bugging me for a turn. He is getting big and weighed in today at 6lbs15oz.

Monday, November 10, 2014

First snow

It seems way to early for this snow for all the adults out there but the kids just love it. Ben came into our room at 6:55am completely dressed in snow gear asking daddy to hurry up and get out of bed so they could go snow blow the drive way. Jameson too spent a total of 2+ hours outside in the snow just playing. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

So Proud!!

Last weekend was Kinsley's 5th Birthday Party and since Kinsley had asked her parents for a horse for her birthday they gave her the next best thing, a cowgirl party! Going into the party I thought there is no way Olivia is going to get on a horse. We had checked out a book from the library on horseback riding to try and help prepare her but I really did not think that would make a difference. As I expected the minute we walked into the party she was hanging on my pants. I darn near trip on her because she gets right under my feet. We all headed outside to get on the horses and it was no surprise that Olivia wanted no part in riding. After a few minutes I did get her to start to pet the horses. I thought, okay, this is a good start. Finally, after watching her friends ride for a while mean mommy just put her on the horse with Erin's little girl Avery. There were lots of tears but I just talked to her and held her on the horse.
 After a few minutes the horse started walking and the tears faded away. She was still not too sure about it but at least she had quit crying.
 That was all it took because after a short ride with Avery on Peanut she was asking for her own horse. Here she is on Ginger which remained her horse for the rest of the riding time.
 She was all smiles and was giggling and talking with her friends as we would pass them. I was so proud of her for trying. I think she was really proud of herself as well. The smile on her face said it all!
 The rest of the party was a success as well. She sat with her friends without asking me to sit with her. She sang Happy Birthday and participated in pictures. This may not seem like much for but for this little girl who is usually no where to be found when it comes to picture time, this was a big day for her.
 All the friends, Gracie, Kinsley, Will, Addie, Olivia, Emma (hiding on the ground) and Avery.
What a great party! Happy Birthday to our dear sweet friend Kinsley!