Sunday, April 24, 2016

While Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the sunshine in Mexico The kids were home with Nanny Kate and Aunt Kate. Nanny Kate picked up an extra day and had both Jameson and Harrison home on Thursday. They were loving this dirt, pretty sure Harrison was even eating some of it. Thanks boys for getting my pot ready for flowers.
 Zeek continues to grow more each day and bond more with the kids each day as well. He is so good with Harrison! We are usually telling Harrison not to bite the dog instead of telling the puppy not to bite the kids. 
He even lets Harrison snuggle in his chair with him
As much as we might have missed the kids I don't think they missed us one bit. They had too much fun with Aunt Kate and Grandpa and Grandma across the street.
 On their way to the park with Owen, followed by a trip to the DQ

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